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Practice ICAO English - Quick Guide

Welcome to the Practice ICAO English course.

This Quick Guide has important information that will help you get the very best results from this course.

The PIE course has 5 modules.

The PIE course has 5 modules

You can access each of these modules from the main menu.

And each module has 2 parts: Learning & Practice.

...each module has 2 parts – Learning… & Practice.

You can begin with ANY of the five modules.


If you want to get the very best results from this course, we recommend that:

...begin with the Learning section

You can access the Practice section for each module from the main menu or by selecting one of the 5 pictures below the main menu.

...continue to the Practice section

We've used many of the same photos, videos, and recordings in the activities of BOTH the Learning AND the Practice section of each module, so you have the best opportunity to practice answering test questions using the new skills that you've learned.

If you do all the exercises and practice modules, you will gain the skills to communicate in abnormal situations, and they will become automatic, like a well-developed habit.

This is what you need, to pass your Aviation English test.

Learning Modules

Learning – Begin here

You should begin each module with its Learning section.

You'll be shown exactly how to speak about situations in English without making the common mistakes that cause misunderstandings and cause pilots to fail English exams.

For each Learning section, there is a set of "Study Notes". These make it easy for you to review important information in that section. Find the "Study Notes" in the main menu.

Learning – "Contents" menu

In the Learning section for all modules, there's a useful menu called the "Contents" menu, It allows you to navigate to any of the slides in that section. Remember to use this menu, any time you want to replay a video or audio, go back to a previous slide or to review ANY slide in that section.

To replay a video or audio simply select the same slide you are already on, using the Contents menu.


You can also use the Contents menu to navigate to where you finished, during your last study session.



Learning – Study method…

If you answer a question wrongly, you will often be advised to go back and look at the grammar notes for that exercise.There are TWO ways to do this.

Learning – At the end…

If you do not start at the BEGINNING of a Learning section or if there are any unanswered questions, you will automatically go to these unanswered questions, BEFORE the section finishes.


Study Notes

For each Learning section – you have a set of Study Notes. These make it easy for you to review important information in that section.

You can access the Study Notes from the main menu.

Main Menu - Study Notes

You can print these Study Notes and keep them beside you or just open them in another window on your screen.

Remember to open or print the Study Notes BEFORE opening the Learning module you are going to work on.

Study Notes


Practice Modules

Now, some important points about the PRACTICE section of all the modules.

In the Practice section, you will be asked test questions and you can practice answering, using the skills you learned in the Learning section for that module.

You will record your answer with the microphone, so you can hear what you sound like. This is one of the best methods to help you improve.

Practice – Navigation Menu

In every module of the Practice section there is a Table of Contents available for quick navigation through the course, it can be found in the top left corner.

pratice module - Table of Contents

Use the Table of Contents to navigate to any of the activities in that section, or to reload a question you already have on your screen.

pratice module - Table of Contents


Practice – Loading time

Depending on the speed of your internet connection, some parts of this course may take a few seconds to load, for example: the microphone may not load immediately.

If this happens, you can do one of the following:

When using a broadband connection the loading time is normally less than 10 seconds.

It's worth waiting…

If you let each page load properly, you will really enjoy all the features and you will gain the most benefit from the exercises, which were created for you by some of the top ICAO English raters in the world.

Controls & Features – "What To Do"

To understand all the features of each Practice section, it is important that you press the "What To Do" button, which you can find on the first slide of each Practice section, and watch the animated instructions at least once. The controls are easy to use, but they are slightly different for some modules.

pratice module - What to do

Controls & Features – Microphone Level

You will most enjoy your practice sessions if your microphone is set correctly. To easily do this:

pratice module - Setting the volume pratice module - Setting the volume pratice module - Setting the volume

There is another way to adjust the microphone from your computer's control panel, which is described in the animated instructions ("What To Do")

If you need more information on how the Adobe Flash Player Manager works, you can follow this link to the Adobe website. "Adobe Flash Manager"

Practice – Sample Answers

Sample answers are given for each question in the Practice section.

Remember: These are only provided to give you an example of how each question may be answered.

There is usually more than one right answer. YOUR answer may be different from the sample answer but also correct.

pratice module - sample answer


Internet Explorer

We recommened that you use an up-to-date version of Internet Explorer (version 8 or newer) for this course.

To download the latest version, please visit the official Microsoft Download Center:

"Microsoft Download Center"

Full Screen View

To activate the full-screen-view on Internet Explorer and get the maximum working area from your monitor, press "F11" (at the top of your keyboard).


Additional Information - Flash and Internet

This course makes extensive use of Adobe Flash.

Please visit the official Adobe Download Center to download the latest version of Adobe Flash:

"Adobe Flash Download Center"

This course has been optimized to provide maximum compatibility with the different operating sytems and web browsers that are available. For the smooth and correct running of the course, we strongly recommend using a broadband internet connection, i.e. DSL (ADSL/SDSL)


Study Guide - How long should you study for?

Here's a final note:

FIRST - you can look around the different parts of the course;

THEN, get serious and begin! Close the door - turn off your phone - give it all your attention.

This is our best advice on how to use the PIE course to bring your English for Aviation up to the next level.

Now - begin with one of the Learning sections.

Enjoy the knowledge from Practice ICAO English (PIE) - and don't forget to tell us what you think about the course, by using "Contact Us" in the main menu. We're always happy to hear your comments.